About the Artist

"I Believe in an Evolution of Human Consciousness Occurring Simultaneously with the Earth itself..It is Peaceful, Miraculous, Unstoppable!

As an Artist, Designer, Gallery Owner, Art Therapist & World Traveler, Rachel Houseman seeks to synergize her experiences in nature through her art bringing joy to others! ColorScapes Fine Art is a series of over 3000 acrylic paintings created in honor of the sacred experience within Southwestern desert landscapes. These paintings are filled with the beauty of the forms & shapes of the Earth that seem to radiate with a "light within." Rachel loves to paint the desert landscape "Plein Air" using her bright colors. Now these Visionary Plein Air Landscapes are available to wear via "ColorScapes" Gallery & Boutique in Santa Fe, as well as finding her Fine Art Fashions Online! Much of Rachel's artwork seeks to reconcile a perceived loss of connection that humans have with the natural world. In that way her paintings & artworks are prayers for healing the disconnect. She creates colorful experiences of the natural world, guiding us to our true center. She wants to promote the collective "re-membering" that as human beings we have the potential to sustain beauty, peace, understanding & balance within our world & to work with the Earth, as the spirit of nature resides without & within. This is why emotional healing is such a passion of hers as an artist/therapist.

Artist Rachel Housman in her Santa Fe Studio/Gallery
Photo by Carrie CAnnon


Rachel studied art, world religions, eco-psychology, and counseling psychology at Goddard College. She graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts in 2000. She then went on to received a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Prescott College in 2007. She as since worked as an Art Therapist and Expressive Art Therapist for over 15 years. She has experience in designing & implementing healing rituals for public and private groups, teaching art classes in the public schools, in groups and in private sessions. She is working as an artist & therapist in hopes of creating her own set of unique healing books and card decks & is working to eventually complete a curriculum of study at the collegiate level called "Art & Consciousness." She is licensed in Art Therapy, ATR-BC, She is a candidate for REAT- Registered Expressive Art Therapist, holds licenses in 2 states for Professional Counseling & uses Sandtray and EMDR to assist clients in their healing. Rachel first discovered the healing qualities of making art in her own experience in 1997 when an art piece created positive, powerful change in her life. Rachel was attracted to the field of Art Therapy in 2004 through attending 3 day institute at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She currently works in the clinical setting, private practice & teaches "Healing Through Art & Transformation" in workshops. These workshops have an emphasis on the process of transformation in regard to healing oneself through an attuning through Art that also connects us to the Earth.

Her art business career began after she studying Art & Healing, Studio Art, Graphic Design, Fine Art & began showing at many local art shows both group & solo in & around The Green Mountain State. She managed a co-operative art gallery in Plainfield, VT "The Blinking Light Gallery" for 4 years before opening her own gallery "Eye on the Mountain Art Gallery" in 2004. Her gallery was founded in Prescott, AZ. & was a cultural staple of the art community until finally moving to Taos, NM in 2011. She moved the gallery to Taos in hopes of creating a new concept contemporary Fine Art Gallery with an emphasis on "Sacred & Visionary Art" & with much success this idea took flight! The Gallery moved to Santa Fe in 2014 bringing it's vision of healing for the community through a special collection of colorful, meaningful, with the sacred/ visionary themes. She is continually devoted to the raising of consciousness & awareness of her viewers and clients through her artwork, gallery and art shows.

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